A new gaze at the brazilian soul, joy and food.

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Looking forward to 'borogodó'

In a market full of fast-food options and a explosion of gourmet hamburger places, how to create a real and unique brand?

In 2015 we had a deep flavour discovery in the popular brazilian culinary, witch begging the Dororó’s story, a restaurant full of enjoyment, inspired in the food sell in the street of the our country.

The street as inspiration

Our strategy target to a creation of a brand about people, and to understand them, nothing better than go to the street and talk with our public.

In a world that all the brands fights to communicate, Dororó came to substitute the empty daily “bla bla bla” for the “hello, hello” of the streets. A true brazilian way of connect and serve the public. The brand’s tone of voice reflects its brazilian personality, valoring the its source and creating emotional connections, from the menu to the interior design.


Fotografia: Edgard Soares


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