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Lar Cooperativa
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A story about belief

In the west of Paraná, 52 years ago, Cooperativa Agroindustrial Lar has come, and today it is one of the biggest company in Brazil.
There are about 8,7 thousands of collaborators and 9 thousands cooperatives with businesses involving agriculture, Industries, supermarkets, Gas stations and products with their own brand.

The adverse economic scenery and an actuation even more global made the company rethink the brand relevance in the business expansion. A story about believe in the potential and in the Lar’s future.

"Lar's DNA é full of dynamism. After 15 years using our brand, it was necessary to update it."

Irineo da Costa Rodrigues - Diretor Presidente da Lar
When business meets brand strategy

The Lar’s strategy map let it clear their objectives about future and show us the importance of a branding project, which cares the mission to boost the results about the company investments.

It was 7 months of work, involving clients, collaborations and shareholders, trying to understand how the brand was seen by each of their public and how it could grow the business involving all the productive chain.

To valorize a global brand culture.

We developed to Lar a brand platform able to inspire and communicate with their diferents publics, resulting in a new visual identity more versatile and able to catch up a plural communication

"A big challenge, but also a unique opportunity of alignment the Cooperative's current moment with everything that involves brand and the way to communicate with the cooperative people, employees and the market that we act"

Jair Meyer, Gerente de Divisão de Alimentos e Compras da Lar

"Strong companies always look at their brands to keep them actual. With a deep study, involving our clients, employees and family's associates, Enredo worked on our branding modernization. A big step that led us great changes and results"

Irineo da Costa Rodrigues - Diretor Presidente da Lar

• 62% de crescimento (2015 e 2016)
• 49 posições no Ranking Exame Maiores e Melhores (2016)
• Fortalecimento de cultura interna
• Expansão para novos mercados


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