Revealing the essence.
Becoming reference.

Colors, taste and essence.

Luí is a chocolate boutique and craft sweets, using a great quality of feedstock. To visit the company and meet their products is like a unique experience of colors and flavors.

When we were looked up by Luí to help them with their brand positioning, we discovered a sweet sea of opportunity for the brand.

Atelier du Chocolat.

Understanding that every product was unique and crafted with so much feeling was the inspiration found fot the Luí’s brand strategy. Just like artists that translates emotions in art, Luí’s chocolate artisans transforms feelings into amazing sweets that sharpens the palate and eyes.

The visual identity with photograph style brings strategy to life, creating special feelings for those special moments: giving, receiving or delighting a Luí chocolate.

"The fear of changing were natural, as Luí were a success and it was growing up. The new positioning and identity needed to be versatile, considering our objective of expanding to retail. We were very happy with the choices and the results. Today the Luí chocolates are known as a special gift."

Isabela Ferrante, Proprietária Luí

Photo: Luca Antunes


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