Expansion is instinct.
Leadership is a result.

Looking forward

Bringing changes to a growing company was the biggest challenge Mamut has ever faced.
Recognized as one of the most important Brazilian brands for CrossFit and High Performance Training equipment, the company was experiencing a moment of expansion that brought great possibilities.

Life is not about routine.
It is about movement.

From Products to Purpose, we’ve created a new brand platform that would be able to drive the companies’ growth based on their Strategic Plan.

The tagline ‘No Routine’ represents Mamut’s major belief: when you follow your instinct life gains movement. A strategic north that has strengthened its brand culture, partners and customers relationships.

The brand repositioning brought not only financial results but a strong corporate culture result. Out team feels really engaged and committed to our purpose.

Pedro Bittar - Diretor Comercial
360º Brand Experience

Purpose, Culture and Product. From strategic to tactical optic, the brand implementation needed start a movement, involving all Mamut’s audiences. We disseminate the Brand Purpose through actions with influencers, videos and graphic pieces. A continuous 360º Brand Management process, involving Brand Experience, Digital, Commercial and Communication Strategy. Today, the hashtag #NoRoutine has gained national and international presence and is constantly disseminated on social networks for posts involving physical activities and Crossfit.

Enredo's work had a huge impact at Mamut and was fundamental for fulfilling our strategic plan. The brand positioning became a mantra. A movement we've always wanted. All of our efforts looks forward to achieving our purpose.

Joathan Sodré - CEO Mamut


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