Expansion and leadership
in the Mercosul

This project have:
A brand evolution.

When a growing company decides to have a new name, what we do to boost it values in the market?

This is our involving story with Rufatto (old Biff Transportes), a shipping company from Paraná, founded in 1999. Besides the respectful portfolio in the local market, the company still needed to build a brand relevance, meanwhile they were living the challenge to consolidate the new name.

Through branding, we helped Rufatto to come up with a new strong brand. A evolution able to communicate their essence to the market, also introducing a new service in the portfolio: the transport of solids.

For your business everywhere

The will for excellence and its own fleet made Rufatto the leader of liquids shipping company in the south of the country.
We bring this spirit to each brand expression.

The strategy created transforms the Rufatto way in a clear proposal to the intern public and clients: be ready when and where it’s necessary. The visual identity evidences the company’s robustness, showing that trust and self confidence matters.

"From Paraná to the world! Work with Enredo made us realize that dedication with our clients is a really a vocation. Rufatto was born big, strong and ready to face the growth challenges."

André Queiroz, Administrador

Under a new name and brand, Rufatto expanded its units to the states of São Paulo, Bahia, Goiás and Mato Grosso, Also to the market of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, becoming the leader on liquids transports of Mercosul.


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